Unbundled Services can help you receive legal help with fewer hours and at a lower cost

Unbundled legal services are a cost effective way to obtain legal services and support from a family law attorney without being represented by a lawyer.  Unbundled means you hire the attorney to handle only specific tasks, such as preparing the court documents, and then you handle parts of the case on your own to save money.  Fewer billable hours means less cost.

Unbundled services will allow you to consult with an attorney who will help you to understand the scope of your legal matter and assist you to prepare for upcoming hearings, prepare a pleading, and/or review a separation agreement.

Unbundled services will allow you to consult with a lawyer who will advise you on a flat fee basis.  With Unbundled services you are representing yourself but with a lawyers guidance.

The following are Unbundled Services offered by the Attorney:

Receive legal guidance about your custody, divorce or family law matter

Prepare for hearings, custody or divorce mediation or negotiations

Prepare court documents for divorce, custody or family law matters

Understand the legal process

Understand your legal documents

The limitations of Unbundled Services are:

You are prose and not being represented by the Attorney

The Attorney will not appear with you in Court hearings, divorce or custody mediation, or negotiations

The Attorney will not track your case

The Attorney will not communicate with opposing counsel or the opposing party

You are responsible for the following things:

Meeting all court deadlines and discovery requests

Filing all appropriate pleadings

Communicate with the court and opposing counsel

General management of your case

Attend all court proceedings, hearings, mediations and negotiations

Understanding the applicable law, court rules and court orders

Speak with Attorney

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