Cohabitation Agreements for Unmarried Couples

There is an increase in cohabitating unmarried couples.  Many couples are waiting longer to get married and some choose to live as an unmarried couples forever.  There is a need for cohabitating couples to be proactive in laying the legal groundwork for how they plan to live together, acquire or pay for assets and expenses, and how they would disentangle themselves from such arrangements in the event of a break-up.

A cohabitation agreement for unmarried can be drafted by a Family Law Attorney.  The agreement will not be filed in Pennsylvania Family Court; however, it is treated like any other contract in Pennsylvania.  The parties can enforce the terms of the contract in a court of law.

A Cohabitation Agreement Can Help You:

Determine Payment for Joint Assets and Expenses
Determine Beneficiaries and Next of Kin
Determine How to Divide Things in the Event of a Break-Up

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