Top Benefits and Principles of Divorce and Custody Mediation

Mediators do not take sides.  Rather, mediators work on behalf of both spouses and remaining neutral fosters trust in the process.  This allows the mediator to reframe issues effectively, and facilitate more constructive communication.
Mediation is confidential.  Everything discussed in mediation will be kept private.  Mediators cannot be subpoenaed or called to testify on behalf of mediation clients. This allows the mediation room to be a safe place that fosters open dialogue.
Clients choose to participate in mediation.  Mediation is only effective if spouses are invested in resolving their issues collaboratively.
Clients make their own decisions.  Unlike litigation or arbitration, the married couple makes decisions that are in their own best interest, rather than having an attorney or judge decide on their behalf.
Informed Consent
Clients should be well informed about divorce, the impact of divorce on their children, and the mediation process.

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